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Married on a “Wed”nesday…..

Isn’t it funny how sometimes the obvious just seems to elude us? Kelsi and Brok were married on a Wednesday, which at first may seem completely unconventional. But when you put it down in black and white, it almost seems like it is what “Wed”nesday was designed for. After all, it is smack dab in the middle of the week …

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one, two, three…..

I wonder if there are more wedding dresses to choose from…or more bouquets? Whichever the answer, it is noteworthy that your bouquet is an investment well deserving of your careful consideration to detail. With so many options the task of choosing the perfect one could prove more difficult than choosing the perfect soul mate. (well almost!) Before scrolling through thousands …

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Traditionally Speaking

For hundreds of years wedding cakes have made their debut at ceremonies and receptions. Since its origin there has always been symbolism and superstition associated with the wedding cake. Included in the list of symbolism is the tradition of cutting the cake. The cake was originally intended to be distributed among the guests by only the bride because consuming the …

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