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Chantilly Mansion bride in contemplatation wedding dress

So Many Emotions…

I stare at my reflection in a dress of satin white, One last deep breath…then I exhale and my childhood dreams take flight. As I walk down the aisle towards womanhood, I’ll leave daddy’s little girl behind, and take my place beside the man I always dreamed I’d find… Now the tears flow oh so softly…in a happy sort of …

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Bouquet Brooch Bridal

Used to Be….

Forever I have loved old things…Taking them in their predictable purposes and creating them into something anomalous. There is something enchanting and almost noble about transitioning something that others have grown used to and turning it into something admirable and intriguingly beautiful. Your wedding is the perfect stage for many of these creations. Gather all of the buttons you can …

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Chantilly Mansion Little Bride

The Little Bride

Isn’t it amazing how little girls somehow just know what a bride is. I suppose in our youthful folly a bride is really the tangible princess that lives in each of us. After all, We grew up watching Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle… all fall in love and get married, in a beautiful dress, with beautiful hair, and flawless make-up, …

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