Gazebo Ceremony1

Inspiring Spring….

TThere is no contesting how much I love to see the Chantilly Mansion all wrapped up in a blanket of snow throughout the brilliant winter months in Utah, but I am always so thrilled to see the new tender leaves awaken and push their way out of the sleeping branches. In 1995 when we first planted the flowering pear trees around the grandiose gazebo brought into the estate from Virginia, they were young and not even as tall as I was. Over the past two decades they have grown enormous, enclosing the circular dance patio as their branches  expanded and united, creating a private canopy that now towers over  2 stories high. It is a setting one could only dream of achieving.

From mid April when the leaves make their first debut, this unique Utah reception center gets more and more breathtaking. The vivid green leaves are quickly upstaged by bright white, fragrant orchid like blossoms. Millions and millions of blossoms!
DSC_0720 millions of blossoms gazebo ceremony

Their sweet perfume carries throughout the entire 2 acre estate ushering in the beginning of outdoor  weddings and receptions.  It is a fairy tale setting we wish would last forever…but this is Utah, and seasons come and seasons go…each one a wonder to behold.

For a few lucky couples their wedding day will fall precisely on the perfect day…when the blossoms hang on the trees until a gentle breeze gently tugs at them, causing them  to fall like snowflakes, laying a romantic fragrant carpet of petals beneath the bride’s feet. The timing is up to Mother nature… even we have to wait and wonder which bride and groom will be crowned with the perfect wedding day!

ahhhh….how I love the excitement that is created by a magical inspiring Spring!