Typewriter Guest List

Just My Type…

HHow predictable weddings in Utah used to be. Sometimes it seemed that the only thing that distinguished one from the other was the bride and groom themselves. Everyone so rigid in tradition, that wedding albums almost became interchangeable. A 52″ lace square topper thrown over a polyester easy care tablecloth on a few round tables, silk floral arrangements with some fake ivy and a 1/2″ ribbon bow to depict the color theme, five or six white shepherd hooks… with more crafty bows made out of cheap…oh I mean inexpensive…no, no…I meant really lovely practical ribbon. Yes, reuseable, practical ribbon.

We dined on a piece of white sheet cake complete with a frosting rose bud on every piece, tinted in a hue that almost resembled the color of the bridesmaids chiffon dresses. Or not. We washed the feast down with a exotic pineapple 7-up slush that inevitably froze a thin layer of shortening frosting to the roof of our mouths. A white accordion paper cup heaping with spanish peanuts and pastel butter mints became a “favor-able” treasure that nearly always got carried home as a trophy of sorts to nibble on in the car as we made our long journey all the way around the corner to our home. The men sported dyed carnation boutonnieres, while the ladies were adorned with tiny rosebud or orchid corsages accented with a tulle netting pick, (admittedly… tulle netting in a corsage is still literally one of my personal favorites when tastefully done) and…oh yes, a white guestbook with a plume feather pen.

How refreshing and inspirational weddings have become over the past decade or two. Thanks to Pinterest, facebook,and youtube, the ideas and possibilities have become endless. Social media has connected the world and all of its traditions giving us the inspiration and permission to create a wedding that is uniquely our own. Information that inspires even the least creative bride to think outside the box. Gone are the days of Aunt Jane with her rose corsage sitting in a white wicker chair guarding the guest book and trying to make the feather pen work. From photo booths to poloraids, or trendy scrapbooks to vintage typewriters where guests can type out a message to the bride and groom, lampshades and guitars, bowling balls and canvas murals, the list goes on and on…perhaps the only thing I haven’t seen for a very long while is a white fabric guest book and feather plume pen.

Perhaps they will come back when someone bold and innovative has an epiphone and suddenly declares that a wedding with a macrame hanging from the basketball hoop definitely is just my type.