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Married on a “Wed”nesday…..

Isn’t it funny how sometimes the obvious just seems to elude us?

Kelsi and Brok were married on a Wednesday, which at first may seem completely unconventional. But when you put it down in black and white, it almost seems like it is what “Wed”nesday was designed for. After all, it is smack dab in the middle of the week when we all could  use a little extra something to get us through to the weekend.

Although I am not exactly sure why Kelsi and Brok choose to be married on a Weekday, I can list several reason why it is an optimal option.

I was going to list them in order, but found it difficult to decide just which reason outranked the others. The truth is, there are just really so many great advantages to a weekday wedding.

Greater Availabilty

Especially if you are planning a short engagement, a weekday wedding will offer you a greater opportunity to book a premier venue. Although there are pages and pages of photographers and florist available to assist you with your wedding, that is not the case with Wedding Venues. Really great venues are few and far between, and with so many couples opting for a weekend wedding, finding the venue of your dreams available on a weekend is even more challenging.  Opting for a weekday wedding will certainly increase your  odds of booking the Wedding Venue you have dreamed of.

Substantial Savings

Along with the increased availability,  is the economic side of things. Many venues, photographers, DJ’s, etc… will offer substantial discounts on the weekdays.  Sometimes you can same enough on the venue to actually purchase a wedding dress.

Enhanced Personal Attention

Those who have been in the wedding industry know the stress and the high endurance that is required to offer consistent, professional services to each and every couple, and they strive to do so even under the most difficult circumstance. You may find that the customer service side of things is often enhanced with a weekday wedding because there are less demands on vendors and venues during the week.  Considering that a cake designer, photographer, DJ, or florist may have more than one wedding booked on a Friday or Saturday, as opposed to most likely only planning on your wedding during the week, you are likely to get additional time and attention focused on just you.

Gratis Upgrades

Often, on top of having more personalized attention to detail, a discounted price point, and greater availability, many vendors may offer additional gratis options. For instance, your photographer might be willing to travel a little further or stay a little longer to capture photos of your departure, or arrive earlier than usual to catch behind the scenes photos as the final details are being put into place. A photo booth operator may offer additional time or props, your cake designer might be able to deliver the cake at the exact time you are hoping for, and your florist may add in a few more flowers in the arrangements because she doesn’t need them for another wedding that day,  and she will likely do her very best work because of a less demanding schedule than on a weekend.

Honeymoon Savings

Fancy hotels, such as the Grand America or themed B&B’s like The Anniversary Inn in SLC, may also offer weekday discounts and more availability. Weekdays are a great chance to ask for an upgrade to their fanciest room.

Weekday wedding = Weekend Anniversary

Perhaps my favorite perk of opting for a weekday wedding is the advantage of starting your honeymoon in the middle of the week. My husband and I were married on a Thursday, and since that meant that the following year our anniversary would fall on a Friday, it made it super simple on our 1 year anniversary (when we took our real honeymoon) to switch our regular day off at work to a Friday and then we only had to ask for one extra day off to get a whole weekend to ourselves.

So the way I look at it….”Wed”nesday really is a wonderful day to be wed!