Now is my little girl the bride

II wish there was a way of taking all of the love and happiness that this father had for his daughter and wrapping it up in beautiful boxes and giving it to every father who has the opportunity to walk his daughter down the aisle. She is his only daughter, in fact, she is his only child. I could tell from the moment I met them that he adored her. I knew that for him… the day had to be perfect for her. We discussed at length the details, and then spent the rest of the time figuring out how to fit all of them within the budget.

She had a list of her lifetime of dreams and he had his vision of seeing her star in the midst of them. The colors were soft and playful, the theme was blissful elegance, the menu was gracious…non-pretentious, the wedding was everything she had imagined. What made the wedding turn out picture perfect? Well, there are a few key factors that are important for everyone involved to know.

First, I believe from the very beginning she and her father had made up their minds to be happy and enjoy the journey and ultimately the day! They just understood how to be happy! Second, they came with a budget, a dream, and an attitude of optimism and cooperation with each other that allowed them to consider all of the options and ideas that would make it all possible. Once the day came, surrounded by the ones they love most in this life, they were ready to walk down the aisle with an attitude of…come what may and love it!

Chantilly Mansion bride with father