one, two, three…..

I wonder if there are more wedding dresses to choose from…or more bouquets?
Whichever the answer, it is noteworthy that your bouquet is an investment well deserving of your careful consideration to detail. With so many options the task of choosing the perfect one could prove more difficult than choosing the perfect soul mate. (well almost!)

Before scrolling through thousands of options, it is a really good idea to check with your florist and find out which flowers are optimal for the time of year you are getting married. Some flowers are seasonal and may not be readily available. Knowing this before getting your heart set on a certain bouquet can save a lot of frustration.

Another point to ponder before your wedding day is whether or not you are really willing to throw your own bouquet. There are several options for the timeless tradition of tossing the bouquet.

It’s a suspenseful moment when the single women gather behind the bride for the bouquet toss, to see who will be the next to get married. If available it is exciting for the bride to stand on a balcony, the top of a staircase, or a chair with her back to the crowd adding a little more suspense to the moment.

Among my favorites is the “fortune bouquet” composed of a dozen or so small clusters of flowers bound together with a ribbon that is untied by the bride before throwing. Each mini bouquet in the bundled carries with it a different romantic fortune. To identify each fortune DIY tags could be attached to each cluster announcing the good fortune that will follow the lucky recipient.

If you prefer, you can toss out the toss all together and try a custom popular in Finland instead. The bride is blindfolded, and the unmarried women form a circle around her. While music plays, the bride slowly turns in place in one direction and the women walk, arms linked, the other way. Everyone stops when the music ends, and the bride walks forward to hand off her flowers to the person directly in front of her.

Tradition is fun…but often creating your own tradition can prove to be even more exciting for both you and your guests. So go ahead and throw caution to the wind and create your own tradition!