Chantilly Mansion Wedding Utah 0022

So many emotions…


Chantilly Mansion Wedding Utah_0004

i stare at my reflection in a dress of satin white

Chantilly Mansion Wedding Utah_0008

one last deep breath…then i exhale, and my childhood dreams take flight

Chantilly Mansion Wedding Utah_0016

as i walk down the aisle towards womanhood

Chantilly Mansion Wedding Utah_0028

i’ll leave daddy’s little girl behind

Chantilly Mansion Wedding Utah_0017

and take my place beside the man

Chantilly Mansion Wedding Utah_0030

i always dreamed i’d find

Chantilly Mansion Wedding Utah_0019

and now the tears flow oh so softly, in a happy sort of way

Chantilly Mansion Wedding Utah_0022

for so many emotions fill my heart on this my wedding day…

There is a plethora of emotions that surface on the journey to your wedding. I would dare say that weddings bring out the very best and on many occasions the very worst in even the best of us. Planning a wedding is a roller coaster of feelings for everyone involved. Over the course of three decades operating wedding venues I have been a part of literally thousands and thousands of weddings, and I have come to realize that there are more emotions than one would find listed in a dictionary. We see the excitement as a bride flips through the pages of bridal magazines and carefully puts together her wedding Pinterest Boards. We see frustration as she realizes that there is a budget. We share in the couples exhilaration as they start our with their illustrious ambitions and visions,  and we cheer them on when exhaustion from the reality of life sets in and they realize that although they are planning a wedding, their regular busy lives are still demanding their time and attention. Ah yes, and then there is the the anxiety and anticipation of the bittersweet tears of change.

The thrill and anxiety of looking forward to a long list of “firsts,” accompanied by the bittersweet sadness of putting away an equally long list of “lasts.”

The last time you sleep in the room you grew up in. The last time you lock the front door after a late night with friends. The last time you sit down for a bowl of cold cereal with your sister, or the last time you put away the clothes that your mom washed for you. The last time you write your maiden name, or hang out with just the girls. The last time you get up from the dinner table, or the last time you share the bathroom mirror with your siblings. The last time you hang your Christmas stocking on the fireplace with your siblings, and most of all the last time you dance with your daddy before you dance the first time with your husband….

The excitement of your first apartment, your first Christmas together with just the two of you, the first time you run out of money, the first time someone calls you by your new last name and you don’t respond, the first time you realize that it is up to just the two of you to do all of the chores, the first time you realize how much groceries cost,  the first time you see your name on the title of a house, and the first time you realize just how much mom and dad really did provide for you…..

Among all of the emotions remember, the decorations will be thrown away, the cake will be eaten and the dress will only be worn once…but those you love will be in your life forever, so remember that no matter what, if at the end of the day you are married to the one you love, then everything was perfect!