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Inspiration Full Covering Bridal Veil1

Why White?

Sometimes we do things without really knowing quite why we do them. Point in hand, I heard the story related of a girl who after getting married loved to make a traditional pot roast on Sundays for dinner. Before putting the roast into the pot she would always trim a little bit off of each end of the roast. One …

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Cermony Purple Sashes

True Love is Blind!

I have made a career that revolves around people falling in love. I have had the opportunity to admire new love, puppy love, compassionate love, rekindled love, and pure enduring love. Along with the love between the bride and the groom I continually have the chance to see fathers who love and adore their daughters, and mothers who can’t help …

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one, two, three…..

I wonder if there are more wedding dresses to choose from…or more bouquets? Whichever the answer, it is noteworthy that your bouquet is an investment well deserving of your careful consideration to detail. With so many options the task of choosing the perfect one could prove more difficult than choosing the perfect soul mate. (well almost!) Before scrolling through thousands …

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