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Then there were two….

Since 1995 when we purchased the Cowley Estate on the corner of Church and Main in historic old town Layton, Utah and converted it into a reception center, we have enjoyed literally thousands of brides and grooms as they celebrate the first day of their new lives together. It is hard to imagine that a little catering business that began simply by printing business cards during a lunch break while working at ZCMI would have evolved into ownership of two of Utah’s finest and longest owned and operated reception centers.

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Over the past 3 decades my family has literally grown up in the wedding business. I began that catering business before any of our children were even born and our children were 1yr, 3yr, 4yr, and 6yr when we opened Chantilly Mansion. All of them have grown up in the catering and wedding industry and know the ups and downs of it by heart. They have an inside knowledge of how much energy, time,  and passion goes into every wedding. Much of our staff began working here as their first job and have remained with us throughout the years. These factors have created a foundation of experience that is unprecedented in Utah weddings.

At Chantilly Mansion we have hosted the weddings of couples from all over  Utah  as well as many out of state weddings. We have had prestigious guests and even celebrities including the Dixie Chick’s celebrate weddings.

But we realize that the most important wedding we will ever do is YOURS. Every bride and groom are celebrities in their own right and deserve the attention of royalty.

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With the opening of the Ogden Temple we are thrilled to now offer an elegant reception center just around the corner from the Ogden Temple, on the SW corner of historic 25th & Eccles.

Bellington Manor offers the perfect setting for your Ogden Wedding. Originally built for Leroy Eccles in 1917, to entertain and impress his guests,  this prestigious reception center offers large and spacious rooms, parlours, and corridors with an elegant dining hall and ballroom.

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In August 2013 we walked through the Historic Leroy Eccles Estate and immediately I knew that this was the perfect place for couples to celebrate weddings and receptions. Within 24 hours we had purchased the building and were on our way to opening Bellington Manor.

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Knowing how important garden weddings in Utah are, we quickly went to work grooming and expanding the century old gardens as well as enhancing and preserving the architectural design that spared no expenses when it was built for its meticulous original owner centuries ago. Immaculate floors of the finest wood have been exposed and refinished. Hand carved wood accentuates every wall. Fabric tapestries even adorn the walls of the restrooms, and chandeliers imported from Italy light the corridors, ballrooms, and parlours. A vibrant display of original paintings encased in hand crafted gold and bronze frames grace every room with intrigue and charm.

There is a beauty and a grandeur from the work of the master carpenters who built this mansion that cannot be duplicated. The hand carved staircase imported from Italy and the incredible woodwork throughout the mansion exhibits the pride and patience of each craftsman, creating the perfect location to celebrate your wedding. Colonnades and Porticos with an Italian influence grace the exterior.

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A private parking lot is available for you and your guests with an additional three porticos that allow your guests to be valeted to any of our three main entrances.

We believe that every couple deserves the grace and charm of a timeless era. After all….. You truly deserve nothing less than an entire Estate to celebrate your wedding!