Bouquet Brooch Bridal

Used to Be….

FForever I have loved old things…Taking them in their predictable purposes and creating them into something anomalous. There is something enchanting and almost noble about transitioning something that others have grown used to and turning it into something admirable and intriguingly beautiful.

Your wedding is the perfect stage for many of these creations. Gather all of the buttons you can find in your grandmother’s sewing cabinet, or from discarded and worn clothes…vintage coats have especially wonderful buttons. Turn them into your bridal bouquet or use them to make button boutonnieres.

Vintage jewelry, single earrings, broken brooches or necklaces can be transformed into exquisite bouquets. Beads from a discarded necklace or a piece of torn millinery netting add something old and personable to corsages and boutonnieres. Intertwining cuff links from your grandfather’s collection, into the flowers of your bridal bouquet adds a meaningful element to carry with you on your wedding day. So go ahead…find something that used to be something else and turn it into something uniquely your own.